Patio covers can be used for many reasons in your outdoor space. You can attach them to your home to protect landings and patios. You can use them as a focal point for outdoor entertainment. JBN Construction builds patio covers of any type. We can also work with your ideas and custom plans. JBN Construction is able to build solid-roofed wooden structures of various sizes and shapes. Each structure can be incorporated seamlessly into your landscape. JBN Construction will build beautiful structures that are high quality and backed by a warranty.

You have many options for how you can enjoy your backyard, but a covered patio is one of the best. Consider your options when designing your outdoor space. Choose the one that allows you to have as much fun as you like.

Patio Covers

Pergola or Patio Cover

Although pergolas and covered patios are often compared, they can be misunderstood.

  • Pergolas can be placed separately to create an area. Most patio covers are attached to a structure like a house or garage.
  • Patio covers are meant to protect the patio from the elements by completely covering its top. Pergolas have a partially covered roof to block sunlight.
  • A covered patio is meant to extend your living space and be used for multiple purposes. Although they are less functional, pergolas can be used to provide a structure for plants.
Patio Covers

Why not add a patio cover to your yard?

A covered patio is an important addition to any outdoor space. It can be a great way to add value to your landscaping by taking the time to plan, build and finish a patio.

  • You can extend your living space by taking it outside. Outdoor furniture can transform your covered patio to a relaxing space where you can entertain friends and family.
  • You can relax in the shade. You don’t have to stay inside if the temperature goes up. A patio cover will allow you to still enjoy the outdoors, whether you are cooking, entertaining, or relaxing.
  • You can enjoy your space in all seasons. You don’t have to be outdoors on perfect weather days. You can use an outdoor heater for cooler nights, and a patio cover to protect you from the rainy day.
  • You can reduce your energy costs while enjoying an outdoor living space. You will be comfortable all year round with a patio cover that keeps your home cool.
  • Your home will be more valuable. Your covered patio can be a big selling point when you are ready to sell. Your home will be more appealing to people who are looking for additional space for entertaining and living.

How to design your patio cover for winter, spring summer and fall

Outdoor living presents unique opportunities and challenges. When decorating and designing your outdoor space, consider the following.

  • Think about how you will use your space when designing it. Ceiling fans can be used to cool the space in warmer temperatures.
  • You can find patio furniture and accessories that match any design style. Patio furniture has evolved over the years. You can make your outdoor space look as good as the inside of your house with a wide range of styles and materials.
  • It can be difficult to choose the right materials for outdoor use. You need to consider how they will perform in any weather. A patio cover can reduce the risk. Covers protect furniture from the elements and keep it looking beautiful.

JBN Construction is the right company to call if you want to improve your yard with a durable, solid patio cover. Our team can help you design an outdoor space you will love to spend time in.

Choose a Patio Cover instead of Fabric

Although a patio cover made of fabric is cheaper, there are many reasons to choose a patio cover.

  • Patio covers are a permanent solution that protects your patio from the elements and provides protection from the sun.
  • While fabric covers can be useful for a short time, they will not last long. The cover will eventually need to be replaced or made permanent. Investing in the beginning will save you money over time.
  • Patio covers will protect patio furniture and accessories all year. Although fabric can be used, it is more susceptible to damage. A permanent option offers peace of mind even in severe storms.
  • Covers made of fabric won’t add the same value to your home as covers made from strong wood frames.

Deciding on Patio Cover Materials

You have many options when it comes to creating patio covers. When choosing materials, consider the following.

  •  You want your patio cover to be strong and durable.  
  •  You should ensure that your materials are resistant to the Texas heat, in addition to blocking rain.  
  •  Consider your patio as an extension of your home. Also, consider the materials you use in other parts of the house. You may use the same materials or choose different options that coordinate.  

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